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Key Details

* City Territory License: $3,500 - $7,500 / State Territory License: $35,000

* Business set-uptime: 8 -10 days

* Training: Online (documentation, make your schedule)

* 24/7 support.



Are you an entrepreneur at heart looking for a lucrative online business that offers you uncapped income, financial freedom, and the complete flexibility of working from anywhere? Does the company you desire take skills you can easily acquire with a few simple training steps? Does it offer high-value services to customers, and does it generate profit averaging of $30,000 per month?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Real EstateTurnkey Business provides the perfect opportunity for you to live your dreams. Regardless of whether the real estate market is booming or busting, people always need places to live, work, and take vacations. More than 100 million people occupy Residential, Commercial, or Vacation Property in the United States, and all of them pay several hundred or thousands of dollars for the privilege.

Do the math, and you will see that the real estate market in the United States represents an untapped 100 billion dollar a year industrywith virtually unlimited income streams. That’s 100 billion dollars that you can tap into by accepting this offer to purchase a real estate marketing business from Real Estate Turnkey Business.

With your purchase, you will get an annual franchise license to operate a fully functional and certified Real Estate Marketing and Property Manager Network business. All business activities are conducted completely online, allow you to work from the comfort of your home. Average weekly revenue of $7,000 is deposited directly into your bank account weekly.


(1) Network for Property Managers & Landlords that has a Sophisticated Database for Managing Tenants

(2) Network for Residential & Commercial Tenants

(3) NEW – Business For Sale platform (Lucrative addition to the concept).

(4) Property for Rent listing platform.

(5) Property for Sale listing platform.

(6) Vacation Property Rental platform – Your business will compete with Air B&B, Trip Advisor, and Booking. Property owners will have a better option for advertising their rental properties. They will only pay a one time annual fee.

WORKERS – Independent Social Media and Internet Marketers will promote the various services of the business. You won’t ever need to paythese marketers a salary because they are Independent Contractors that earn commissions on the sale they generate for the company. This means that with almost zero expenses, you can start making profits immediately. Unlike other start-up businesses, which usually stay in the red for several months or years, you will begin to see net profits coming in by the first month of operation.That means cash in your pocket right away.

Additionally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is integrated into the website pages, allowing for organic traffic to be driven to your business.This will give you the freedom to focus on the daily running of your business, knowing that a constant stream of clients will be directed to your business.

Why is Real Estate Turnkey Business Model better than all the rest? A SIMPLE ANSWER: Scalability.

Real Estate Turnkey Business Model makes it easy to operate, and there are multiple revenue streams that mean your revenue has the potential to increase exponentially, and many happy franchise owners in various states are benefiting from this lucrative business.


BONUS 1 – We offer an amazing marketing perk. Marketing is one of the most difficult obstacles to getting any business to the point where it becomes profitable. Now think about what the Real Estate Turnkey business model offers: You purchase your business and we throw in a professional marketer for the first three months whose sole purpose is to kickstart your business and get it off the ground in the fastest time possible. You hardly need to do anything but collect. Arguably, this describes the easiest business you can engage in from the comfort of your home. NO OTHER FRANCHISE BUSINESS OFFERS THIS SERVICE!!!

BONUS 2 – Your business will be approved by 51 established companies from various industries that will advertise their products and services on your business website. This Advertising & affiliate partnership will earn your business thousands of dollars monthly. When the business is launched, these advertisers will be fully activated on your business website.

The truth is most online real estate companies lack the resources, skills, technology, and systems support required to capture the majority of clients and customers in our digital and globalized culture. The result is that they neglect vast portions of these markets and miss out on millions in revenue. Real Estate Turnkey Business is poised to capture all areas of the real estate market. And this places us a cut above all other companies offering real estate services in the nation.

As a business network of online franchises, Real EstateTurnkey Business builds businesses upon a foundation of residual, recurring revenues generated from all verticals that comprise the nation’s entire real estate industry—Residential, Commercial, Association, Vacation Rental, and more. OUR PHILOSOPHY:

We Teach, You Grow, and above all, You Earn

HIGH SECURITY – Very well written code, great attention to security – Our codes are well written and non-encrypted. Also, the security of customer data is at a very high level. The payments are processed in the secure payment gateway pages (e.g., PayPal, SQUARE). The admin backend is also very secure with an advanced security monitoring system and password protected.

TRAINING – Worried you might not have the knowledge necessary to maximize this lucrative opportunity? Don’t! We are here to support you by offering the perfect business that is virtually fail-safe. We provide you witha 100% ready-made business that is easy to learn, and we provide the training that will get you up and running in no time (only up to 2 hours is needed for training). What’s more, you can operate your business from anywhere you choose.

So, whether you are a real estate professional, a solopreneur, or are just looking for a guaranteed accessible business to operate that will make you money and give you financial freedom, Real EstateTurnkey Business has what you need.

We are business developers, and we have the skills and know-how to help you develop into the successful business owner you’ve always wanted to be.

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