Business Content Writing & Property Marketing Services

Lucrative Business Opportunity - $35,000

Are you an entrepreneur at heart looking for a lucrative online business that offers you uncapped income, financial freedom, and the complete flexibility of working from anywhere? Does the business you desire take skills you can easily acquire with a few simple training steps? Does it offer high-value services to customers, and does it generate profit averaging over $100,000 per month?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Real Estate Turnkey Business provides the perfect opportunity for you to live your dreams.


Get a readymade online business that offers:


Business Content Writing & Property Marketing Services

Over 100 million people occupy Residential, Commercial, or Vacation Property in the United States, and all of them pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege. The United States real-estate market represents a $100 billion dollar a year industry that you can tap into immediately. Your business will be fully functional and certified, with 100% online operations that allow you to work from the comfort of your home.


A Business Writing Service

A writing service helping businesses, individuals, and influencers demonstrate leadership in their industry through premiere written communication and book publication. All writing and editing services are providedby in-house writers who hold PhDs in English. With the lowest rates in the United States, writing packages are attractive to individuals and corporations. As a franchisee, you earn a commission on each referral that buys the service.


A Student Writing and Publishing Service

Our student writing, mentorship, and publication services convert educational outreach into a billion-dollar opportunity. The U.S.has approximately 30+ million students in middle, high school, and junior colleges eager to take advantage of this publishing opportunity for their university applications. Our PhDs in English (who have published with MIT Press and NYU Journals) mentor students’ as they create articulate writing samples that demonstrate skills university admissions committees find impressive.


This free writing mentorship to middle, high school and college students converts easily to essay publication and sales with million-dollar revenue potential. Plus, our crowdfunding platform also doubles as a college fund, and students support marketing by sharing their page with their thousands of social media followers. By helping students simultaneously become published scholars and entrepreneurs, this publishing and marketing initiative attracts potentially millions in revenue for the franchisee.


This business opportunity offers lucrative benefits and PR perks:


- A constant stream of millions of students every year

- A market of over 100 million enthusiastic family and friends (proud parents, grandparents, etc.)

- Students’ packages include: (1) essay editing and publication (2) essay cover design (3) grant proposal writing (4) scholarship application (5) crowdfunding platform for selling their essays

Overall, your multi-faceted turnkey business provides:
(1) An advertising Network for Businesses
(2) A platform for Residential, Commercial & Vacation Properties for Rent & Sale
(3) A Property Managers & Landlords Network with Sophisticated Database for Managing Tenants
(4) Business Content Writing, Book Editing & Ghost Writing Services

(5) Student Mentorship – Essay Writing, Publishing, & College Application


Hands down, RETB describes the easiest and most fulfilling business you can conduct from home. Earn $$$ giving essential services to the community and putting a college education within students’ reach by helping them get acceptance and funding.


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